Permit Applications

Each local enforcing agency is required to use standardized application forms that include technical cards for each Subcode and a buff-colored file jacket. These are also available at the DCA website. Depending on the nature of the work you are performing you may need only one technical card, or you may need four or more technical cards. For example, a roofing permit may only require a “building” technical section, but renovation of a bathroom may need “building,” “plumbing,” and “electrical.” Note that plumbing and electrical permit applications must bear the embossed seal of the individual who will be performing the work.

The permit application is generally accompanied by two sets of plans. If the nature of the work is minor, the subcode official may waive the requirement for plans. Note that the architectural or engineering plans must be sealed by the licensed design professional. If you have prepared the plans for your single-family, detached dwelling, you must sign a certification that you prepared the drawings.

After submittal of a complete application, the agency has 20 business days to act on your application. If they fail to act, the application is considered to have been denied. You have the right to file an appeal with the Construction Board of Appeals to require the agency to act upon your application. At that point the Construction Official should be able to advise you why your application is deficient. Possibly, the review has just been delayed due to the work load in the office. If that is the case, it may be worth waiting a few days until the permit can be issued, since it will take several weeks to schedule a hearing

Once each of the Subcode officials has released your drawings, the Construction Official has signed the permit, and you have paid your fees, you may start construction

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