Carl E. Peters, LLC Website – About Page

Carl E. Peters has a broad range of expertise in the areas of Engineering, Land Surveying, Planning and Code Enforcement in the State of New Jersey. He holds licenses as a Professional Engineer, Professional Land Surveyor, Professional Planner and Construction Official. This is a rare combination of professional credentials. It enables him to analyze the development process from concept design through project completion. He has created the Building and Zoning in NJ to offer some basic guidance about the development process in the State of New Jersey.

Mr. Peters provides technical support and expert testimony for attorneys in matters of: construction, engineering, land surveying, planning and zoning, land use, construction codes and handicapped accessibility (ADA compliance).

Mr. Peters also uses his expertise to help resolve disputes. His varied background is beneficial in the resolution of disputes between project owners, design professionals, contractors and insurance carriers. His municipal engineering background also enables him to resolve conflicts such as property line disagreements, drainage problems and other local government matters. He is on the roster of mediators for the NJ Civil Courts.

Carl E. Peters offers consulting advice to New Jersey local governments in the areas of roadway design, traffic calming, storm and sanitary sewer operations, tax mapping, public works and parking operations, construction administration, redevelopment and affordable housing.